Studio medico Malaguti Lamarche

The medical center Malaguti Lamarche is the bearer of a new methodology that, through an interdisciplinary approach to neurophysiology and the biomechanics of movement, achieves effective and lasting results in the treatment of pelvic-perineal dysfunctions, limiting the use of drugs and invasive therapies.
The center wants to call attention to this new method reaching out to a wide audience including the scientific community and the patients, who are invited to visit the center before undergoing drug or surgical therapies that may impair their chances of functional recovery.

  • Graphic design of the institutional image
  • Website creation, linked to Facebook and Twitter social accounts, also optimized for indexing by search engines.
  • Assembly of a full editorial stuff to create educational and scientific texts, photos and videos.
  • Content distribution through different medical portals, several social channels and conventional print media.
  • Ongoing support for the maintenance of the communication flow.
  • Customized design of a management system for reporting and invoicing activities and for the collection and evaluation of clinical data.

  • One month after its launch the website has on average 600 individual hits per week.
  • The first month of web presence brought in 60 new requests of contact that resulted in the acquisition of 30 new patients.
  • New patients come in with a good knowledge of the methodologies and pathologies treated by the medical center and with a positive attitude towards the therapeutic process.

Project history in the doctor’s words
The experience of Malaguti Lamarche medical center
We are two medical professionals working in the sensitive field of pelvic and motor dysfunctions. Through our daily contacts with the patients and their families we have learnt that what patients most of all want is attention, commitment and respect. And many of them nowadays turn to the Internet for information.
Our aim was to open the doors of our center to the Web and to convey a true, direct image of what our work is like. Thus, we met with several professionals, but unfortunately did not find anyone who could effectively translate our wish to communicate.
Until finally we met the Trenta3 team, a group of competent professionals who transformed our communication wish into a serious, concrete project.
Together with the team of Trenta3 we have planned our digital communication campaign which has extended beyond the boundaries of a simple website. Thanks to Trenta3 we have understood that the Internet is a tool with great potential for those willing to share their work, passion, innovative solutions and results with the patients to whom we offer our highly specialized care.
Three months after the launch of our website, we have obtained results that have surpassed even our most optimistic expectations. In the first month our center has been contacted by 30 new patients requesting an appointment and the websites receives on average 600 hits a week. We wanted to obtain a good response in terms of image and contacts, and we got it. Without foregoing what we are, our history and, above all, without giving up our most revered value: our patient-centered attitude.

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